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We design build and install on site power systems to supply electric and thermal energy to industrial, commercial or residential sites. Our systems are state of the art efficient power systems, which meet and exceed today's rigid environmental standards. We sell systems outright to end-users or we become an onsite utility and sell energy to the site at a significant discount to the customer. Savings from traditional utilities can range to over 50%

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What is Co-Generation?

Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of two or more energy products from a single source of fuel. With cogeneration we can provide all of your electric, steam, hot water or chilled water needs from the same equipment, and provide an efficiency level approaching 85% of the fuel input.

About Cogeneration Change to Utility Inefficiencies

Electric utilities produce power in plants which operate at an efficiency of less than 50%. When they transport and distribute there is a further loss of 7-20% of power from line loss, transformation to useful voltages and distribution systems. This inefficiency is expensive and is a direct pass along to the ultimate consumer.

Energy Choice, Cost and Quality Control

Up until 1954 50% of Americas factories produced their own electric. This was common and followed the Edison paradigm. What happened? Utilities started to offer cheap electric to end users and this was good till about 1965. Then prices started to travel up and up and the US and especially the North East with the oldest infrastructure started to loose the efficiencies. Today Electric has become deregulated and you get to pay for generation transport, and local distribution. Each entity has to be satisfied an made profitable. This has had a multiplier effect and electric energy has become a premium product.

Unplug from the utility

We have become complacent and willing to take our power from the grid, even though it costs us a premium. Unplugging is a traumatic thing for us to do, after all except for august 2003 we have had a fairly reliable system in place.

But when analysis shows savings of upwards of 50% a new look at a new paradigm is in order.

Change the Paradigm

Our equipment uses multi-fuels so there is some control in fuel cost. We allow for operation independent of the grid, so we eliminate the grid connection costs. And we recover what utilities waste in terms of heat, hot water, steam or chilled water.

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